The first stage of our trip took us to Moscow to catch the Trans Siberian Express.

 Travelling across Russia, down through Mongolia into China.

Here are the pictures and account of this stage of the trip.

We spent three weeks in China.

First in Beijing before heading down to Yuangshou, and then across to the rice terraces at Longsheng.

Vietnam & Laos.  What adventures we had in these two countries!

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In the spring of 1997, a mate of mine, James, said that he was thinking of doing another round the world trip, and, did I want to go?

Well up till then Id never been far, the south of France on family holidays was the furthest Id been. Id also never been on an aeroplane! So up to a year around the world sounded a bit daunting, but also a little exciting.

I thought about it, not for long I may add, and so the planning began.

After long discussions of where wed like to go, and perusing various brochures, we came up with a plan, and a date to leave.

And so, in September 1997 we set off.  The journey started in Moscow, where we boarded the train to China. From there, we travelled through China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. (James went to Malaysia, but more of that later!)  From Singapore to Australia and on to New Zealand for six months.

Four Pacific Islands on the flip side brought us back to sunny England.


Thailand to Australia, though not via Malaysia, due to a misunderstanding at the border, which saw Roan and myself being refused entry!!

Six months, some of it working, some wondering where the next dollar would turn up! Some of it travelling, oh the joys of travelling in a large group!

Tahiti, Raratonga, Fiji and Hawaii.

More details in this sub section.

World Tour
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